Migrated to Github Pages

I migrated this blog to github pages hosting, as a result. The CGP load balancer is expencive for just routing GS hosted content.

This is memo for that.

On GitHub Pages, choose project page(USER.github.io/PROJECT.github.io) and publish /docs setting. It seems that we can use only top directory pushlish setting, if we choose user page(USER.github.io).

On hugo, add one line in config.toml.

publishDir = "docs"

build and push, then, https://yokomotod.github.io/yokomotod-io.github.io becomes to visible.

Next, to use custom domain with SSL, I chose Cloud Flare.

Refer https://help.github.com/articles/setting-up-an-apex-domain/ .

Add new site on CloudFlare with yokomotod.io domain. Register and as A record. Then change Name Server to Cloud Flare’s one on DNS provider settings.

Finally, add yokomotod.io in custom domain field, on GitHub repository setting.

After Cloud Flare recognize DNS settings change, http://yokomotod.io becomes to visible.

The reason why it shows USER.github.io/PROJECT.github.io(not USER.github.io/) is that GitHub handle it according to request server name? Cool.

In addition, just enabling SSL settings on Cloud Flare, https support completed. Cool, Cloud Flare.



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