Migrated to Github Pages

I migrated this blog to github pages hosting, as a result. The CGP load balancer is expencive for just routing GS hosted content. This is memo for that. On GitHub Pages, choose project page(USER.github.io/PROJECT.github.io) and publish /docs setting. It seems that we can use only top directory pushlish setting, if we choose user page(USER.github.io). On hugo, add one line in config.toml. publishDir = "docs" build and push, then, https://yokomotod.github.io/yokomotod-io.github.io becomes to visible. Read more →

Deploy Hugo on Google Cloud Storage

Deploy part of the Hugo blog site created in last post. Deploy target:Google Cloud Storage About Hugo, I saw a lot of articles that deploy to GitHub Pages. It’s easy and cost free, but I did’t want to set this blog as my GitHub user page, nor create dummy GitHub account. Therefore, I deployed on Google Cloud Storage, in Google Cloud Platform. No particular reason why not AWS S3. Read more →

Hello, Hugo.

A happy new year. I start my blog from this year, with Hugo, with multilingal feature. Setup Install hugo. brew update brew install hugo Generate new site. hugo new site yokomotod.io Choose theme By searching theme which support multilingal mode, I found hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog and hugo-theme-foundation6-blog. This time I chose hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog. git clone https://github.com/alanorth/hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog.git themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog Configuration config.toml baseurl = "http://yokomotod.io/" theme = "hugo-theme-bootstrap4-blog" # Put all language under sub directories (/en, /ja). Read more →